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Smells like teen spirit was a single from nevermind, the 1991 album that catapulted nirvana to fame. Supposedly, the name came from graffiti kathleen hanna of the band bikini kill once wrote on the wall of lead singer kurt cobains hotel room. Facts about smells like teen spirit smells like teen spirit was written by dave grohl, kurt cobain, and krist novoselic. It was released as a lead single of the bands 2nd album nevermind in september 1991. The title of this track was inspired by the phrase kurt smells like teen spirit, which kathleen hanna (a lead vocalist of bikini kill at that time) wrote on cobain. Smells like teen spirit is a song by american rock band nirvana. It is the opening track and lead single from the bands second album, nevermind (1991), released on dgc records. The unexpected success of the song propelled nevermind to the top of several albums charts at the start of 1992, an event often marked as the point where grunge entered the mainstream. Due its success and importance in 90s pop culture, teen spirit remains the most covered nirvana songs. Have a look at one of our early articles to see a bunch of good, bad, and hilariously bad smells like teen spirit covers. Its the ultimate grunge anthem, the filler of a million indie club dancefloors. Randi from linton, me smells like teen spirit is a good song, but i dont feel like its really nirvana. I mean if you listen to any of their other albums, their music is less mainstream adn more alternative. Its almost like all of these fans that got into nirvana bc of this song or bc of nevermind werent seeing nirvana for what they really wereare. Smells like teen spirit lyrics load up on guns, bring your friends its fun to lose and to pretend shes over-bored and self-assured oh no, i know a dirty word hello, hello, hello, hello. Smells like teen spirit was released on september 10 1991, turning nirvana into superstars and changing the musical landscape in the process. Were guessing youve already heard it seven thousand times, but heres a bluffers guide to the song. Teen spirit, was a deodarent, and yes he did read kurt smells like teen spirit on a wall, and named the song after it.   nirvanas official music video for smells like teen spirit, remastered in hd.

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