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It may be expressed as indignation and resentment, or rage and fury. It is the expression of teenage anger the behavior that we see. While some teens lash out verbally, others may become physically aggressive. And if they dont learn how to manage their anger better, theyll have difficulty in relationships, in their careers, and throughout their educational endeavors. As teens get older, they seek more autonomy and want more input in decision-making, says mitch abblett, ph. When anger escalates teens may need time alone to calm down and yell, cry or whatever is needed so they stay safe and others are not negatively impacted. Popular with most teens, music works well to help teens identify and express feelings of anger, whether through singing, dancing or playing along with songs filled with rage. Remember that teens may not know how to handle their anger, and this can leave them frustrated and frightened. However, as with toddlers, if you give in to teenagers because their shouting and screaming intimidates or baffles you, you are in effect encouraging them to repeat the unreasonable behaviour as a way of getting what they want. The anger iceberg represents the idea that, although anger is displayed outwardly, other emotions may be hidden beneath the surface. These other feelingssuch as sadness, fear, or guiltmight cause a person to feel vulnerable, or they may not have the skills to manage them effectively.   parenting angry teens can often make you feel like you are losing control. Learn how explosive anger in teenagers develops and options for effective resolution. 1 out of 5 teenagers are reported to have anger management issues. Here is a short video on how to deal with anger and resolve conflicts.   anger is a normal emotion, and theres nothing wrong with feeling mad. What counts is how we handle it (and ourselves) when were angry.

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