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  teens should get about 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night, but most teens do not get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can make it difficult to pay attention, may increase impulsivity, and may increase the risk for irritability or depression.   the lack of sleep affects the teenage brain in similar ways to the adult brain, only more so. Chronic sleep deprivation in adolescents diminishes the brains ability to learn new information, and can lead to emotional issues like depression and aggression. Researchers now see sleep problems as a cause, and not a side effect, of teenage. All in all, the current article represents an important but early step in our exploration of the relationship between sleep, brain development, and behavior in adolescence. Given that one-third of our lives are spent asleep and that the amount and quality of sleep has profound impact on our health, cognition, and behavior, it seems prudent to devote more resources to research this understudied. In making inside the teenage brain, we seemed to hit a nerve -- a parental one -- when we began looking into the world of teenagers and how they sleep.   many physical changes are happening during the teen years, including rapid gains in height and weight, hormonal influences, the development of secondary sex characteristics and continued brain.   good, plentiful sleep is essential to teens development, growth, and quality of life. This is because the brain produces melatonin at a different time of the day. This makes your child feel tired and ready for bed later in the evening. It can keep your child awake into the night and make it difficult for your child to get up the next morning. A good nights sleep is essential for your brain to work well. Your ability to think and learn improves after a restful night. Sleep can also help teens cope with racism and ethnic discrimination, a study now finds. Due to the biology of human development, the sleep mechanism in teens does not allow the brain to naturally awaken before about 8 a. This often gets into conflict with school schedules in many. Inadequate sleep is endemic in adolescence (colrin & baker, 2011). In addition to receiving less than optimal average sleep per night, variability in sleep duration and sleep-wake rhythms peak during adolescence (dahl & lewin, 2002 thorleifsdottir et al. Children and adolescents often need more sleep than adults, which is attributed to the putative function sleep serves in brain.).

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