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  to raise testosterone levels naturally for teen boys, get your muscles pumping with high-intensity exercise, such as playing soccer, swimming, or lifting weights. You should try to keep your workouts under 30 minutes, since short bursts of intense exercise have been proven to increase testosterone over time.   the most obvious are short stature, lack of facial or body hair growth, and vocal tones. Most young boys that are going through puberty tend to have cracking voices, a phenomenon that occurs with vocal cord maturation. What causes low testosterone in teenagers? Low testosterone is related to a condition known as, hypogonadism. A lack of energy, poor concentration, irritability and problems in school are just some of the signs that your teen might be drinking alcohol. Anemia a loss of energy and feeling tired and weak are common symptoms of anemia -- a condition that occurs when not enough red blood cells exist to carry oxygen to the rest of the body. Alternatively, boys who do not seem to be developing secondary sexual characteristics late into their teenage years may require a testosterone test to determine whether lack of testosterone production is the cause 1. According to the merck article on delayed puberty, small courses of testosterone may actually stimulate development if low levels are at the root of the problem. And those increases have been linked with how the adolescent brain performs. When forced to control their emotions, teens with less testosterone tend to rely on their limbic systems, tyborowskas group now finds. This makes their brain activity look more like that of younger children. Some advertisements for testosterone replacement products may lead you to believe that simply feeling tired or cranky is a sign of low t. Cambridge universitys autism research center launched a study in 2002, which links high levels of testosterone in fetuses to autistic traits exhibited in early childhood 1.

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